On April 22, 2024, we had a special guest over: Prime Minister Alexander De Croo visited us for our 20th anniversary. The Prime Minister took ample time to immerse himself in our sector and meet the driving force behind GIEC: the colleagues of #teamgiec.

Our CEO Frederick Flamand led the Prime Minister through our various departments during a short tour. Because we gather all the necessary disciplines for total electrical projects under one roof, he thus got a complete picture of our sector and its challenges.

Rolling up the sleeves

The visit started at the engineering department. After a further tour of the offices, De Croo visited the panel building department. In our workshop he got to roll up his sleeves himself by preparing and connecting cables in an electrical panel. He then made the necessary changes to the accompanying electrical diagram. Not on paper, but in the specially provided software.

“In this way, we introduced the Prime Minister to the technical bottleneck professions of panel builder and industrial electrical technician, but also demonstrated the strength of local production. As well as the importance of digitalization in our sector, which we even extend to our own warehouse to realize our projects more flexibly and efficiently,” Frederick recounts.

Chat with the prime minister in the GIEC café

Both during the tour and in the closing GIEC café, which was specially set up in the workshop, the Prime Minister showed genuine interest and took the time for an informal chat with several colleagues from #teamgiec and the delegate from professional federation VOLTA.

We thanked Prime Minister De Croo for his visit with a gift basket full of Lokeren specialties and chocolates imprinted with the GIEC logo.

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