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Energise each other every day

Our team counts almost 90 colleagues, but you are not just a number here. Everyone is welcome and everything is open for discussion. We therefore work every day on a sincere and open atmosphere.

As a close-knit #teamgiec, we respect and support each other. This way we can grow in our job and be proud of the work we deliver. But fun while working is equally important to us: a joke is therefore never far away.

We get together every month during the safety meeting and regularly do fun things after work. Then we often opt for a sports activity because a healthy mind in a healthy body: that is what we’re going for!

Working at GIEC

Who are we looking for to join our team?

at GIEC?

Working at GIEC

How do we want to work?

Working on a safe environment

Coming home to your family healthy and fit every day is a basic value, isn’t it? That’s why we handle safety professionally and behave responsibly at work. And we expect the same from our colleagues, suppliers and customers. We talk to each other about what could be done better. This way we can continue to work together on a safe working environment.

To strengthen each other

Together we work on the most diverse projects. Your involvement and the cooperation with your colleagues are the driving force of our company. We make sure that you can discover, fully use and develop your talents. Within #teamgiec we respect and support each other. By sharing knowledge, we move forward together.

Caring for
each other

Everyone is welcome and everything can be discussed.

Are you struggling with something? Then we’ll see how we can tackle it together..

We work every day to create a sincere and open atmosphere. Receiving and asking for feedback is very normal for us. This is how we work together every day for the well-being of #teamgiec.

Results we are proud of

We believe in you. You can tell by the trust the trust we have in you. And you like to make the best of it.

You take responsibility and you are proud of what you do.

Our passion is contagious and you can see that on our faces.

Working at GIEC

What do our colleagues say?

Electrical Engineer


You won’t be thrown to the lions here but will receive good guidance and can count on helpful colleagues. How I would describe the atmosphere? Loose! Here everyone can really be themselves.

HR Manager


When I first came into GIEC, I felt like I had known all the colleagues for years. You are very quickly absorbed into the team here.

Responsible panel building


I started at GIEC in 2005. Thanks to the family bond between colleagues, after all these years I consider GIEC my second home.

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