Electrical installations

Energy solutions

Changed energy demand

We live in a constantly changing world. And that certainly applies to the way we deal with energy: the energy transition, the greening of steel production, the development of hydrogen-powered plants, the construction of battery factories for car manufacturers, the associated changing legislation … All of this requires a significant adjustment of the electricity grid and safe, reliable electrical installations. Right up the street of our enthusiastic team.

Charging stations

The transition from fossil fuels to electricity plays a key role within any business. Just think of the electrification of your fleet. Electric vehicles in the fleet, also means the need for charging points in your parking lot. Our electricians have built up the necessary experience in the cabling of these projects. Together with our partners, we are therefore happy to contribute to a reliable charging infrastructure for your business park.

Renewable energy

Sustainability can no longer be ignored in the development of residential projects and industrial construction. But the different energy solutions do require the right expertise. Just think of solar panels. The cables of these installations have to endure large capacities. It is therefore important to provide the cabling correctly. This way it remains safe for everyone. The cabling of heat pumps also requires the right knowledge. And you will find them with our electricians.


Projects we are proud of

  • Engineering, installation and commissioning chemical site

    Gent - België

    Hardware engineering en commissioning.

  • Electrical works and lighting roof factory

    Hulst - Nederland

    Algemene verlichting en elektriciteitswerken, hoogspanningscabine en transformator.

  • From empty hall to modern production space without downtime.

    Lokeren - België

    Ontwerp elektrische schema’s, kabelberekeningen, levering en plaatsing kabelwegen, plaatsing stopcontacten en verlichting.