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Medium Voltage

Medium voltage is the collective term for all voltage levels that form the link between high-low voltage: the range from 1,000 volts to 25,000 volts. The most famous application? These are undoubtedly the medium-voltage cabins on industrial sites.

Does your company need a medium voltage installation? That depends on the consumers in your building. Do you only need power for lighting, a few computers and small appliances such as the printer and coffee maker? Then an ordinary low-voltage connection is sufficient. On the other hand, does your building house an extensive production line with heavy machinery that consumes electricity at the same time? Then a medium voltage cabin is something for you.

In general, if your company uses a lot of power, you will benefit most from a medium-voltage installation. That way you can be sure of a reliable power supply. In addition, you limit power interruptions, and thus ensure the continuity of your production.

Our experts will be happy to assist you with tailor-made advice. They can support you in the development and realization of:

  • Medium voltage cabling
  • Medium voltage cells
  • Medium voltage cabins for outdoor installation
  • Transformers
Medium Voltage
Medium Voltage

Projects we are proud of

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    Algemene verlichting en elektriciteitswerken, hoogspanningscabine en transformator.

  • From empty hall to modern production space without downtime.

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