An electrical installation is always designed with great care. Still, errors can occur during assembly or installation. These, in turn, can lead to dangerous situations. Therefore, it is not a superfluous luxury to have an installation thoroughly checked before you start using it. That way, it guarantees not only safety, but also quality and proper functioning.

Our experienced team can assist you during the various testing phases of both panels and complete installations. Do you wish to test the material before on-site installation? For a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), we like to take extensive time in our own workshop. For a Site Acceptance Test (SAT) on-site, we go through the following steps:

  • I/O tests: testing all inputs and outputs and electrical connections
  • Cold testing: motion testing without medium or product
  • Warm testing: production testing with product
  • Start-up and commissioning

We think it is important to involve you and your employees as much as possible in the commissioning process. But even after that, we will continue to support all those involved with the necessary training. This way everyone can work with the installation in a safe and efficient manner.


Projects we are proud of

  • Engineering, installation and commissioning chemical site

    Gent - België

    Hardware engineering en commissioning.

  • Electrical works and lighting roof factory

    Hulst - Nederland

    Algemene verlichting en elektriciteitswerken, hoogspanningscabine en transformator.

  • From empty hall to modern production space without downtime.

    Lokeren - België

    Ontwerp elektrische schema’s, kabelberekeningen, levering en plaatsing kabelwegen, plaatsing stopcontacten en verlichting.