Certified engineers work out your electrical package based on various calculations.

Our approach

Independent advice

For us, a personal approach forms the basis of good cooperation.

You want to contact us? Then your permanent point of contact will work with you to find what is really needed for your project.

In doing so, our experts provide independent advice and draw up a realistic process that includes the technical aspect, project planning and budgeting.

Analysis and elaboration

After a thorough analysis of your needs, our engineers act as the architect of your installation. They are developing the electrical package in various phases:

  • Basic engineering such as drawing up system architecture, single wire diagrams, implementation of required security level (performance level) …
  • Detailed engineering such as the creation of circuit diagrams or loop diagrams in EPLAN Pro Panel.
  • Various calculations such as cable calculations and ATEX calculations.

EPLAN Certified

To design your installation, they use the latest drawing and design software.

By the way, did you know that GIEC can call itself an EPLAN Certified Company?

This quality label shows that our team includes one or more EPLAN Certified Engineers and that we continue to invest in their knowledge and the tools of this software. This ensures you have the right expertise for your project.

GIEC is EPLAN Certified Company 2023 2026

How can we support you?

Electrical diagrams

Electrical diagrams

2D and 3D designs for panel building or control cabinets.

Cable calculations

Cable calculations

Calculations in Caneco One for selection of the correct installation cable.

Arc flash calculations

Arc flash calculations

Preventing arc flashes means increasing the safety of your installation and employees.

ATEX calculations

ATEX calculations

Protecting your employees and installation in explosive environments.


Projects we are proud of

  • Engineering, installation and commissioning chemical site

    Gent - België

    Hardware engineering en commissioning.

  • Electrical works and lighting roof factory

    Hulst - Nederland

    Algemene verlichting en elektriciteitswerken, hoogspanningscabine en transformator.

  • From empty hall to modern production space without downtime.

    Lokeren - België

    Ontwerp elektrische schema’s, kabelberekeningen, levering en plaatsing kabelwegen, plaatsing stopcontacten en verlichting.