GIEC N.V. has once again been awarded the VCA Petrochemical certificate. This safety recognition demonstrates that customers in the high-risk petrochemical and offshore industry can rely on the top priority given to safety in every cooperation.

The classification society DNV carried out the recertification audit on the basis of a strict safety checklist. “The health of our employees is of paramount importance to us. As an electrical engineering company, we therefore ensure that each site takes the necessary measures in the area of prevention and safety. Of course, we monitor the safety aspect not only for our own employees but also for subcontractors and external partners,” explains Frederick Flamand, CEO of GIEC.

“Safety is a constant and dynamic factor, which is why we like to keep our safety policy up to date,” adds Wim Van den Eynde, HSQ manager at GIEC. “We do this by, among other things, setting and refining HSE targets, raising awareness among colleagues, organising general and specific toolkits, digitising checklists and offering intermediate training.”

The efforts made ensured a positive outcome of the audit. GIEC is now entitled to call itself VCA P-certified again. Clients in the petrochemical and offshore sector are thus assured of the high quality of the services provided.

The audit was carried out under the direction of Wim Van den Eynde: “But the extension of the VCA P certificate is of course a group effort. After all, it are our colleagues who put safety measures into practice every day. Their strong sense of responsibility and respect for the customer really makes a difference. This recertification is the best proof of that.