The time had finally come: the comeback of the GIEC Classic. After a forced absence due to the corona pandemic, we organized another group ride. Getting exercise and socializing were the focus. And that’s precisely how it worked out!

On Sunday, June 4, 2023, the GIEC Classic made its comeback: #teamgiec and sympathizers gathered for an enjoyable group ride on both racing and electric bikes.

The route took all participants from GIEC headquarters in Lokeren, Belgium, to GIEC Nederland in Axel (the Netherlands). After a short stop to refuel energy with, among other things, real “Zeeuwse bolussen” (sugared rolls), the group headed back to Lokeren under a radiant sun.

There the GIEC Café provided the necessary refreshment. With a drink and barbecue sausage in hand, it was pleasant to chat. A unique #teamgiec cycling cap completed the outfits of everyone present.

Enjoy this successful day? Check out some pictures of this successful day below:

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