WhatsApp is a convenient way to stay in touch with friends and family. But starting now, you can also use the app to apply for a new job at GIEC.

Looking for a new job is very exciting. Unfortunately, applying for a job takes a lot of time and often all the different steps put a damper on enthusiasm.

Imagine: you scroll down your smartphone and suddenly come across the job of your dreams. But writing a resume is a little easier on a laptop or PC. So you put your smartphone aside for a moment and go back to the vacancy from another screen. You fill out the application form or send an e-mail to the human resources department. And then the waiting for an answer begins… But you actually also have a few questions of your own.

Can’t this really be done any faster? Yes, it can! From now on, you can apply for a job at GIEC via WhatsApp.

Why apply via WhatsApp?

You probably use WhatsApp mostly to send free private messages or call friends and family. But from now on, you can also use the app as your first step to a new job at our company. Via the WhatsApp button at each of our vacancies you:

  • Can contact us in one click
  • Ask questions when it suits you best
  • Learn more through short messages
  • Don’t need to call or email for more information
  • Can apply via your smartphone
  • Go through the different steps of an application faster
  • Can also send photos or voice messages

How to use the WhatsApp feature on our website?

On all our job pages you will find a WhatsApp button. If you click this, you send a message directly to our human resources department. Our colleagues will reply to you as soon as possible.

Prefer to use a keyboard anyway? Then you can also use WhatsApp Web at https://web.whatsapp.com. Scan the QR code to connect your device and see all your conversations on your screen. How convenient!

What happens after WhatsApp?

Do we both feel it could be a match? Then the application continues as usual: we invite you for an interview at our office. This way you can get to know the company atmosphere and future colleagues yourself.


Go to our vacancies and be the first to apply via WhatsApp.

P.S. Of course you can still apply via our form, an email to personeel@giec.be or over the phone: we would love to hear from you. Above all, choose the way that makes you feel good: that is most important to us.

Video: in 3 steps to apply via WhatsApp on your smartphone.