GIEC will continue to be an EPLAN Certified Company in the coming years.


Our engineers always use the latest drawing and design software for the design of electrical installations. For example, electrical schematics are drawn in EPLAN P8. They also rely on the EPLAN Pro Panel software package for 3D cabinet design.

Always up to date

What they should be able to do with this software depends on the customer’s requirements. And these are evolving along with the further digitalisation of the industry. EPLAN therefore regularly releases new versions and updates. This creates opportunities but also brings some challenges. For example, it is not obvious to work in a new user interface. How best to get started with new features? Or what is the benefit of smart cloud connections? We believe the answer best comes from the developer himself.

This is why we regularly give our engineering team the opportunity to upskill. And those who want to take their expertise a step further may, of course, do so too.

EPLAN Certified Engineer

Electrical Engineer Filip, for instance, attended the EPLAN Certified Programme. He took the concluding ECE final exam at the EPLAN Technology and Training Centre in Lokeren. This exam tests both theoretical and practical knowledge of the EPLAN software. His results? A score of more than 80%! Filip can therefore call himself an EPLAN Certified Engineer for the third time in a row. With this quality label, he demonstrates that he:

  • is up to date with all features and novelties
  • works with the most recent version of EPLAN Pro Panel
  • work correctly with this professional 3D cabinet design software

EPLAN Certified Company

Along with Filip’s certification, this year we are also the first company in Belgium to renew our quality label ‘EPLAN Certified Company’. Needless to say, we are very proud of that! It shows that our engineers have extensive knowledge of the EPLAN software & tools and that we continue to invest in their further development. Those efforts, in turn, ensure that we can assist our clients with the right expertise. And that is precisely what we are committed to every day: the growth and support of both colleagues and customers.

GIEC is EPLAN Certified Company 2023 2026

Want more info?

Curious about what our engineering team can do for you? Take a look at the overview of our design services. Do you have a question or want to make an appointment? Please feel free to contact us.

What benefits do these certifications have for you? Certified Engineer Filip likes to tell it all in the videos we made together with EPLAN: