From 1 February 2023, I.E.T. (Industriële Elektrotechniek Terneuzen) will continue under the name GIEC Nederland. In 2015, we joined forces as the Dutch I.E.T and the Belgian GIEC. This collaboration immediately translated into an expansion of our knowledge, quality and professionalism. In recent years, we formed a close-knit team. This is how we want to come out now.

Are you a customer of I.E.T.? Then you must be wondering what impact the name change will have.

What doesn’t change?

Of course, your regular contact person is still on hand for a personalized approach to your project. In addition, we also retain:

  • The Chamber of Commerce number 56463057
  • The company number VAT NL 852.137.229.B01
  • The known billing and contact information

So what does change?

As of Feb. 1, 2023, the format of email addresses will change: both before and after the monkey tail will look different. For example, the extension replaces the well-known Not sure about your contact’s new email address? You can contact with any questions.

We form a close-knit #teamgiec across national borders. To underline our close cooperation, we choose a uniform new corporate identity. You will systematically see the new GIEC Nederland logo appear on our business cards, stationery, delivery vans, work clothes … The website is also getting a new look. And, of course, a new url! You already knew where to find us: welcome to

Were you already following I.E.T. on social media? On LinkedIn and Facebook, the name changes to GIEC Netherlands. In addition, you can now find’s profile on Instagram. That is how we want to keep you updated on our realizations and other new stuff.

Do you have other questions on our name change?

Do not hesitate to contact the Dutch team on the number +31 115 61 44 40, or your regular contact person.

We are already looking forward to support you with your projects.