#teamgiec is our driving force. Our colleagues are most important to us. We therefore strive to ensure that everyone feels good at work and can be themselves. Safety is inextricably linked to job happiness: making sure everyone can go home healthy every day is our top priority.

That’s why we work on work happiness every day. We do this through a sustainable approach that focuses on safety, social connection, health and personal growth. But there is always room for improvement. Daarom namen we dit jaar voor de eerste keer deel aan de ‘Week van het Werkgeluk’ (25 t.e.m. 29/09/2023).That is why this year we participated for the first time in the ‘International Week of Happiness at Work’ (25 to 29/09/2023). An international initiative to put happiness at work on the agenda of as many companies as possible.

We not only signed the manifesto, but also evaluated our own well-being policy. We We started with a list of our current initiatives. Are you curious about what we are doing? Then be sure to read the Hapiness at Work Hero Case (in Dutch) we delivered to Tryangle, the organization dedicated to the initiative in Belgium.

We then used an anonymous survey to gauge the well-being of our colleagues and how we can improve it. We also asked them about their “small fortune” at GIEC: simple things that make work just that little bit more fun. During the International Week of Happiness at Work we took care of a little happiness each day.

  • Monday, 25/09/2023: Danish pastry
    Happiness sometimes comes in a small cookie. That’s why we started the week with delicious Danish pastry.
  • Tuesday, 26/09/2023: Conversation starters
    A coffee and a chat with colleagues: that makes us happy. Thanks to the conversation starters with ‘small talk’ topics at the coffee machine, we got to know each other even better.
  • Wednesday, 27/09/2023: Appreciation visit
    How is #teamgiec really doing? Our executives gladly took the time to talk about this with colleagues.
  • Thursday 28/09/2023: Sandwiches at the toolbox
    Every fourth Thursday of the month, we meet at the toolbox. That’s when we discuss topics such as safety, wellbeing and HR. With a sandwich in hand, this edition became extra enjoyable.
  • Friday 29/09/2023: Spotify friday
    Cool music in the background makes work even more fun. And with our own #teamgiec playlist, it was totally awesome! All colleagues could add their own favorite song(s) to our playlist. We all listened to these together at the office and the various worksites. A great way to start the weekend!